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Apolo Investiment Group


Everything we do is based on a simple idea: the more people participate in the decisions that shape their lives, the better those decisions will be.

At the heart of our company is a virtual community, where thousands of people engage in continuous debate about their preferences, beliefs, and aspirations.

We combine this constant stream of data with our research expertise to provide a more accurate, up-to-date image of what Mozambicans think.


The inoveIT, Lda is a Mozambican company focused on providing solutions aimed at solving specific problems in business and social environment, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). We are composed by a team with extensive experience in integrating systems such as network services and Internet-based services in mobile telephony as well as consultancy and training in ICT.

Find out how innovation can extend your reach! Contact us by e-mail service@inove.it.

TÉCNICA – Engenheiros Consultores Limitada (TEC), is a Mozambican consulting company founded in 1989 whose skills main skills are Geotechnical, Bridges and Structures, Hydraulics, Materials Technology, Architecture, Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies and Automation. The sectors of the economy in which we operate include: Buildings, Urban Planning, Roads, Water Supply Systems, drains, sewers, erosion control, Production, Transmission, Distribution and Use of Electrical Energy, Information Processing. The services we provide are: studies, projects, launching of tenders, evaluation of competitors, Inspections, Supply of software package and its Technical Assistance and Management.

Our social capital is 3,600,000,000.00 MTn (three billion and and six hundred million Meticais). TEC's headquarters is located at Av 25 September 2526, in Maputo, where we occupy two spacious floors totaling 1279.8 square meters.

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